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Traffic Storm 4U is designed to be a simple to use and an easy solution to driving traffic to your website. We don't offer a ton of membership levels that make it confusing, we offer only two levels of membership "FREE" and an upgrade to "PRO" Level.

When you become a Pro member of TrafficStorm 4U you become our partner in all advertising sales revenues from your direct referrals! We reward you with cash and additional advertising credits 6 levels deep. That is what sets us apart from other traffic can earn revenue each and every month!

There is never any limit to the amount of cash you can earn or the number of free advertising credits you can earn per day... 10...100...even 1000 free advertising credits each and every day!

We keep TrafficStorm clean. No randomizers, HYIPs, ponzi's, fraudulent search pages, pornography, framebreakers or illegal sites are permitted. Site reports are checked regularly and any site that violates our terms is deleted immediately.

Earn 10% Commission on direct Referral's Upgrades and Purchases

Earn Credits from Downline 4 Levels Deep

2:1 Manual Surfing Exchange (1 Credit/2 Page Views)

10 Second Surfbar Timer

100 Free Traffic Credits, 500 Free Banner and 500 Text Credits Active New Member Bonus

Banner Exchange Membership

Text Exchange Membership

Auction Bid for First Page Shown

"Top Surfer" Bonus Rewards

Surfing and Referral Contests

Bonus Pages with Prizes

Link Tracker

Affiliate Downline Builder

Free Members can Surf 4 Cash and use to buy more advertising credits (cash payouts Pro Level Only)

Win Cash & Credits, Fun Games and Contests

And Much More!

All the benefits of FREE membership plus these additional bonus features:

Earn 50% Commission on Downline's Upgrades and Purchases

Earn Credits from Downline 6 Levels Deep

1:1 Manual Surfing Exchange

8 Second Surfbar Timer

1000 Bonus Traffic Credits, 2500 Bonus Banner and 2500 Bonus Text Ad Credits Each Month You Are A PRO Member

PRO Members Receive 25% More Traffic To Their Websites

Email Your Downline

25% Discount On ALL Purchases

Receive Cash Payout For Active Surfing (low $5 payout level)

And Much More!

NOTE: is Not an Internet Investment Business. We will not ask you to invest any money and we will not pay you interest on any money you send us for the purchase of goods or services from this website. There will be no element of "investment" in that payment, and the entire purchase price will be for the selected goods or service only! You do NOT need to invest any money to receive cash payouts from us. Cash payments are made from proceeds that accumulate due to members' purchases, and are NOT to be construed as any form of revenue sharing.

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